You won't find any discount codes for the Micro PE course. We offered 50 half-price licenses to early birds in July 2019, which sold out in a few hours. Since then we've never discounted the course, and never will.

Below are reasons we believe a Micro Acquisitions promo code would be a bad idea.

Not fair to other students

When companies offer arbitrary discounts, people who receive them are usually "smooth talkers." They write in, tell a story about why their case is unique, and manipulate the selling team's heart strings.

But everyone's story is unique, and not everyone is a smooth talker. So while most of the world is unfair, our small sliver of it isn't.

Discounts are complicated

Maintaining one price gives us a clean conscience. We don't have to remember who we "hooked up" or who we "let down."

It's also easier to project sales and invest in new material when we know how much value each new student will bring to the community.

Attracts the wrong students

The logical next step following graduation from Micro Acquisitions is to invest. If you can't stomach an extra $25 or $50 on material that gets you there, you don't have the right mindset to negotiate larger deals with a selling founder.

If anything, the more we charge for our course, the more likely a student is to follow through on executing the strategies disseminated within.

The course keeps getting better

We launched in July 2019 with ~50 lectures for $149.

Since then we've added 25+ new lectures, valuation templates, and guest interviews. We also made our alumni community, Rainmakers, free instead of $9 per month.

Over time we increased our price from $149, to $199, to $249, our price today.


As students continue investing in us, we will continue investing in them. Discounts eliminate this kind of symbiosis, so we'll never offer them.